About Us

Irish Pride Clothing Co. was established in 2008 by Sean Manning in his hometown of Altadena, California. Growing up, Sean had always been encouraged by his father, Raymond Bernard, to be proud of his Irish heritage and of the legacy and spirit of the Irish in America. His father’s pride later inspired Sean to create a logo that is uniquely American Irish. Today, we are a completely family owned and operated company, composed of Sean, his brother Michael, and Sean’s two daughters. We put that same pride and passion into everything we make and do. We are dedicated to producing quality items that mix traditional designs with modern styles, all made in house. As 4th generation American Irish inspired by our family history, we are devoted to preserving the American Irish culture, with a presence in music, dance, festivals and other cultural events throughout Southern California. It doesn’t matter if you’re full Irish, or just a little, so get your Irish on!